Conscious Growth


Clocktower Projection

Installed at the Snowmass Village Game Lounge, "Conscious Growth" is an interactive mural collaboration by Debbie Clapper (Gneural) and Justin Gitlin (Cacheflowe).

Drawing nearly every day since the age of 9, Debbie Clapper (gneural) is an artist, muralist, and [recovering] designer focused on hand-drawn patterns inspired by op art and graffiti. Lifelong musician and long-time technologist Justin Gitlin (Cacheflowe) is a multidisciplinary creative executor focused on building interactive physical spaces, primarily with software. Having been in each other's orbit for over 15 years, Debbie and Justin have finally made the years-long intention to collaborate a reality.

Our piece represents a merging of our disparate disciplines and mutual love of iterative patterns, polygons, and op art. By exploring and analyzing the underlying systems that bring Debbie's work to life, we built a custom shape generator that mimics a small set of her illustration techniques but allows for infinite variations. After iterating on animation styles, integrating hand-drawn textures, and parameterizing the thousands of decisions made by our code every second, we arrived at a self-drawing system that reflects Debbie's distinguished and organic graphic style.




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