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The always-amazing Communikey Fest just happened, and I was really excited to build my first projection mapped visual system for the big Friday and Saturday night parties. I built this software in the 3 weeks before the event and it was a complete pleasure to collaborate with Rachel V. Murray (who built the large, triangulated origami structures), and AudioPixel (the awesome custom LED system & crew). Using beat detection, audio analysis, OSC for wireless control via iPad from the dancefloor, the visuals provided a nice backdrop for 14 hours of music between the 2 nights. You can see a bit of a review from the Westword here, and check out the video recap right here.
Warning: I couldn't hear the audio as I was playing, so my rhythm's not that great. Double whammy: I haven't been practicing. This projection-mapped Kinect-based drum machine was built with a simple 4:3 grid made out of wood. It was then painted white for maximum brightness and hung from a curtain rod attached to tripods. With the Kinect and projector aligned in front of the physical structure, it becomes easy to lay down a sweet beat by punching through the openings. Audio samples from Yo Soy Sauce & CacheFlowe.
I just remixed Scaffolding for the 3rd time in 6 years. I slowed and whittled Scaffolding's cover of the classic "My Funny Valentine" down to the barest elements, creating a bass-heavy, lurching version that emphasizes the thick vocals and builds on numerous, sparse fragments of the original track. Adding to these remixed elements, I borrowed even more sounds from other artists' renditions of the classic tune, splicing in warped sounds from Ella Fitzgerald among others. This remix demands attention and patience, but the rewards are delivered in a thick, sexy, nighttime package. You can download the release for free over at Plastic Sound Supply.
Check out my latest DJ mix, recorded live in Boston. Download it here and enjoy some of my favorite sounds of 2013 and beyond. You can also see a video recap of my set (and my latest visuals) over on YouTube.
Check out some of the footage from the last full-on CacheFlowe DJ/VJ set in Boston. The visuals keep taking steps forward with new modules, faster performance and more audio and MIDI-reactivity.
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