OhHeckYeah: Catchy on the Mall


If you're down on 16th St in Denver, you can play one of my video games 24/7. More info here.

Ello booth at TEDxMileHigh


Ello was invited to have a booth at the "Ideas Unbridled" session of TEDxMileHigh in Denver. I built an interactive art gallery based around photography, design, paintings and generative art curated from the awesome Ello community. I took a video of our booth before the event, with a friend showing off the interaction. People who approached the experience would unmask art made by Ello users, giving everybody a chance to physically interact with some of the great artists on Ello. The gallery was built with Processing and a Kinect camera.

CMKY 2015 Installations


The final Communikey festival happened and we brought it home with style. I had a couple of installations running throughout the weekend. Communichords and the main stage projection-mapped visuals.

Recent Interviews


My alma mater (University of Denver) asked me some questions about my two big projects from the past year: Ello and OhHeckYeah. Check out the interview here.

Just before DU published their interview, I also talked with thoughtbot for their Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast. Once again, we talked about Ello and OhHeckYeah. Check out that interview here.

Neue Wave Mix


I recently played a show with College - a French producer who makes great retro new wave music. I've been enjoying a lot of this style of music from the early 1980s, and I wanted to do a bit of research to learn and pay homage to the roots of contemporary electronic music. Here we have the resulting mix, which can be downloaded here or streamed on Soundcloud.

"Ooh, Ooh" on Vermin Street 5-year Compilation


The Boston-based record label Vermin Street invited me to join their 5-year anniversary compilation. It covers a wide array of bass music and experimental electronic music. My submission took form as a fast, jungle and dancehall-inspired number, heavy with samples from Janet Jackson, Madonna, DJ Assault and Anthrax. Stream it here, and buy it exclusively on Addictech.

David Last + CacheFlowe A/V Performance


All original music by David Last & custom MIDI-controlled visuals w/DMX lighting by CacheFlowe. Performed at Shine in Boulder, CO. October, 2014, opening for Atom TM & Normal Ones.

Custom projection mapped visuals for CMKY 2014


The always-amazing Communikey Fest just happened, and I was really excited to build my first projection mapped visual system for the big Friday and Saturday night parties. I built this software in the 3 weeks before the event and it was a complete pleasure to collaborate with Rachel V. Murray (who built the large, triangulated origami structures), and AudioPixel (the awesome custom LED system & crew). Using beat detection, audio analysis, OSC for wireless control via iPad from the dancefloor, the visuals provided a nice backdrop for 14 hours of music between the 2 nights. You can see a bit of a review from the Westword here, and check out the video recap right here.

Projection mapped Kinect-based drum machine


Warning: I couldn't hear the audio as I was playing, so my rhythm's not that great. Double whammy: I haven't been practicing. This projection-mapped Kinect-based drum machine was built with a simple 4:3 grid made out of wood. It was then painted white for maximum brightness and hung from a curtain rod attached to tripods. With the Kinect and projector aligned in front of the physical structure, it becomes easy to lay down a sweet beat by punching through the openings. Audio samples from Yo Soy Sauce & CacheFlowe.

CacheFlowe remixes Scaffolding's "My Funny Valentine" cover


I just remixed Scaffolding for the 3rd time in 6 years. I slowed and whittled Scaffolding's cover of the classic "My Funny Valentine" down to the barest elements, creating a bass-heavy, lurching version that emphasizes the thick vocals and builds on numerous, sparse fragments of the original track. Adding to these remixed elements, I borrowed even more sounds from other artists' renditions of the classic tune, splicing in warped sounds from Ella Fitzgerald among others. This remix demands attention and patience, but the rewards are delivered in a thick, sexy, nighttime package. You can download the release for free over at Plastic Sound Supply.

GlitchGiving 2013 DJ mix


Check out my latest DJ mix, recorded live in Boston. Download it here and enjoy some of my favorite sounds of 2013 and beyond. You can also see a video recap of my set (and my latest visuals) over on YouTube.

CacheFlowe DJ/VJ set recap


Check out some of the footage from the last full-on CacheFlowe DJ/VJ set in Boston. The visuals keep taking steps forward with new modules, faster performance and more audio and MIDI-reactivity.

Ultrasoft Anthems! 33


The latest CacheFlowe tune is out, with guitars, humming, tapping on a bike's spokes, and typewriters... Something a little different. I was even in the TV infomercial. Check out the release here, via Plastic Sound Supply: "Ultrasoft Anthems! 33"

GlitchGiving 2012 DJ mix


Check out my latest mix, recorded live on my birthday in November, in my hometown of Boston. Download it here and enjoy some of my favorite sounds of 2012. You can also see a video recap of my set (and my latest visuals) over on YouTube.

Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined


After collaborating with members of Paper Bird on other music projects, performances and videos, I reworked their great tune for a new remix CD. Get the release from Plastic Sound Supply for a very reasonable price and listen here:

Brim Liski - The Repetitions


My side-project Brim Liski's new EP is out and we made a video for it. Check out the release over at Plastic Sound Supply, and watch the video here:

CacheFlowe remix on XLR8R


My other band Brim Liski has a new EP called "The Repetitions" coming out on July 23rd, 2012. The great XLR8R magazine posted the exclusive debut of my remix from the EP:



I played this set in Denver and thought I'd release the recording. It's a mix of classic 2 step, new step, bmore, booty bass and beyond. Download the mix and check out the tracklist over at PSS:

KacheOut, the video game


When I'm not doing music-related activities, I write a lot of code. I recently built a video game for the city of Denver, called KacheOut. The work was done through Mode Set.

CacheFlowe remix on Communikey compilation


My Architect remix ended up on an great compilation from Communikey, alongside David Last, Frivolous, Fax, Time for Trees, Mossa, Nicolas Jaar, Jason Corder Offthesky, Laura Goldhammer, Radere, Ten and Tracer, Mr. Projectile, Mikey Fisher, and more: Check it out at Communikey's BandCamp.

Yo Soy Sauce - Juke Box


This is the first single from my new group with Brer Rabbit. We did a song in 2008 for my "Cache, Stacks & Queues" EP, and we've been writing music as Yo Soy Sauce for the past couple years. Our first single is a ridiculous booty house / juke song with original vocals, and guest vocals by Esme from the Denver acoustic group Paper Bird. Check out the release from Plastic Sound Supply.

New CacheFlowe mix on the Sub.Mission podcast


Sub.Mission is a driving force in the dubstep scene, having put Denver on the international map as one of the world's most vibrant scenes for the genre. I was roommates and am still great friends with Nicole, who started it back in 2007 by throwing the first shows of their kind in our city. I'm not really in the dubstep loop at this point, but they've always been supporters of mine, and vice versa. I just gave them a new mix of future bass, fringe dubstep and juke/booty house for their podcast, and I hope you dig it. It's called "Bang Bass Deep Bleep Dance Classics", and it's some of my favorite DJ-friendly electronic tunes of the past couple years. Enjoy:

CacheFlowe remixes Architect of Haujobb


Last year I was asked to do a remix for Architect, a.k.a. Daniel Myer of Haujobb, the legendary industrial electronic act from Germany. It was for a remix album for his latest solo LP "Consume Adapt Create" on the indefatigable Hymen Records. Unfortunately the remix was lost (a fitting title then) after being confirmed for release, but I got the go-ahead to give it away for free, so here it is. This was my last dubstep-inspired production, based on a request from Architect.

Video: Brim Liski - "Fight"


I work with a good friend on a side-project called Brim Liski. I write the beats, while my studio partner writes the melodies and vocals. We've got a new EP nearing completion, but this video was just created for the first song on our first EP. I hope you like it.

Universal Audio "Space Launch" Commercial


I made a cameo appearance in a commercial for the audio hardware company Universal Audio :)

New CacheFlowe tunes on Experimental Dance Breaks 36


Out now on Plastic Sound Supply, and available on mp3, wav, and custom limited CD. This is the sound of Colorado experimental breakbeat music. Check out the 2 brand-new CacheFlowe tunes:

New custom audio piece for Legwork / Airwalk


Legwork had me score this little promo video for Airwalk. I did some fun sound effects and wiki wikis. Check it out:

Video from the Fox, opening set for Rusko


I was asked to open for Rusko in Boulder last month, and it was a blast. I invited a crew of friends to perform with me, specifically VJ Movax and Brer Rabbit of the Flobots, who I'm writing an album with, under the guise of Yo Soy Sauce. It's my next big music project, and this was our first time on stage together, freestyling on a tune that we threw together in the week before the show. I also tackled a guy in a tiger suit during the finale, and generally went hard. Check it out:

New commercial audio piece


The crazy-talented people at Legwork asked me to score a motion graphics piece for one of their clients, a local solar panel company. I happily took the job and wrote something that's very different from the music I usually make. It was a fun challenge, and everybody was quite happy with the outcome. Check out the video:

New DJ mix


I uploaded my DJ mix from Plastic Sound Supply's showcase at the 2010 Communikey Festival. Click here to download the mp3, and check out the tracklist here. File under: experimental / downtempo / dirty / dubby.

New custom soundtrack commission


I was recently asked to score a promotional video for a sunglasses company. It's inspired by the great Johnny Cache, and features guitar, recorder, humming and other live elements. Click through to watch the video, and hear the extended mix here: http://soundcloud.com/cacheflowe/untitled-commercial-beat

CacheFlowe visual art?


Besides making music, I also enjoy programming for a living. I've incorporated audio-reactive programmatic visuals into my live music performance, and I partake in a number of different types of artistic coding. To document these activities, I've added a new page to my web site. Check out some computer-generated graphics:

CacheFlowe remixes Mochipet


I remixed Mochipet's "Robo Crunk Juice", and it's out now on iTunes, Addictech and lots more. The whole remix album is quite crunk and full of contemporary riddims. Click to learn more:

Plastic Sound Supply at Communikey Fest


My record/art label Plastic Sound Supply is holding a boutique/showcase at the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts on April 16th, from 2-7pm. Come down and get hyped for the incredible weekend lined up for the festival in Boulder, Colorado. It's too much for words here, so just visit the Communikey web site, and get ready for the Colorado (international) electronic music event of the year. Click the flyer below for more readble info:

Best of Denver 2010 Award


Denver's premiere arts and entertainment weekly gave me a super cool award in the Best of Denver 2010 issue - Best Audio-Visual Performer. I am humbled and honored. Thanks Westword!

Ring Me Cellie


Local record label Bocumast asked me to make them a ringtone, and then suggested that some artists might make a video for their ringtone song. What? It'll be announced soon, and there's more info about my video on my videos page. Hope you like it:

Valentine's Day Sexytronica mix


I spent a bunch of time compiling a collection of electronic love music from the ages, and I've mixed a selection into a sensuous 90-minute experience, just in time for V-Day. Put this on and get your love on.

New CacheFlowe single out on Vermin Street


Vermin Street of Boston, Mass released this drum & bass / dancehall / dub tune I wrote years ago. It goes nicely alongside the dancehall / ragga / hard-as-nails Vinyl Blight filpside. Summon your inner future rasta and shake those dreads. Preview the full release over at the SoundCloud page.

New CacheFlowe remix out on Plastic Sound Supply


I have a new remix out on a lovely remix compilation for George & Caplin:

CacheFlowe live at Glitchgiving


Side-project Brim Liski in XLR8R and new EP on iTunes


I made the beats for a couple tunes that I collaborated on with my good friend Ryan from A Shoreline Dream. Our tune "Fight" was the 16th most downloaded tune on XLR8R in October, and the EP is out today on iTunes from Latenight Weeknight records, and features additional production Jap Jap (Netherlands). Check it out - we're calling it "Electrogaze Dreamhop", and I think it's a beautiful piece of music.

Footage of my debut Audio/Visual performance


Get the new XLR8R Incite compilation


The new XLR8R Incite compilation features an awesome new tune from my collaboration with Ryan from A Shoreline Dream, our side-project Brim Liski. Also on the comp: the incredible acid remix of Scaffolding by Michael Fakesch, recently released on my record label Plastic Sound Supply. This compilation is only available to subscribers, so give some love to XLR8R.

New CacheFlowe remix of Scaffolding


Check out the new Plastic Sound Supply release by Scaffolding, with remixes by Michael Fakesch, Kero, and CacheFlowe:

Vote for the Westword Music Showcase


I played Denver's Westword Music Showcase 2 years ago,which is when I debuted the stationary bicycle laptop stand. I might play again (with new stagecraft) if you vote for me. I'm in category #31: http://polls.westword.com/polls/den/musicshowcase/

Cache Stacks CD release party


Cache Stacks and Queues CD release party with Starkey

The CD's been out for a bit, but we're finally throwing a release party and celebrating with Starkey, who wrote a great remix for the EP. Click the flyer for more info:

Upcoming shows and releases


I've been doing a bad job updating my news section here, but lots of great things have been happening. My record label Plastic Sound Supply has been quite active, putting out exciting new releases and receiving great international press. Check back soon for Scaffolding's incredible new album "Narratives", that features remixes by myself, Michael Fakesch and Kero. I've also got lots of big shows coming up, starting at the CU Boulder planetarium, then the opening night of the Communikey electronic music/arts fest, then opening for Starkey in Denver at my official release party for Cache, Stacks & Queues. Check my live page for more info on upcoming shows, and stay tuned!

Flowebot featured by XLR8R


XLR8R posted the opening track from "Cache, Stacks & Queues" on their web site, and featured it as the 2nd track on their November sampler CD. Big thanks to the fine folks at XLR8R. Check out the free download and mini-review here.

CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues


Cache, Stacks and Queues

I've released a new dubstep / glitch hop EP called Cache, Stacks & Queues. Check out the unofficial press release:

With his new EP, "Cache, Stacks & Queues", CacheFlowe explores the experimental side of dubstep and glitch hop. A heavier take on his broken beats, CS&Q represents CacheFlowe's return to a sound that might just be called dance music in some circles. Collaborations with Machinedrum, Starkey, and Brer Rabbit from the Flobots round out the experimental street beat sound of the release. True to his style, CacheFlowe's 3rd solo release provides lots of surprises amidst the head-nodding beats.

Preview the album at the official web site: http://plasticsoundsupply.com/release/cacheflowe_-_cache_stacks_and_queues/

Jookt soundtrack


I wrote the soundtrack for Jookt, a new internet tv channel that covers high school sports. It's got dubstep and breakbeat rhythms made completely out of sports sounds. Check it out at YouTube here.

New remix for A Shoreline Dream / Ulrich Schnauss


I recently wrote a remix for my good friends A Shoreline Dream, who wrote a beatiful track with Ulrich Schnauss. I gave their shoegazer tune a dubstep restyling... Shoestep? You be the judge. Preview my remix here.

XLR8R sampler CD / web review


Subscribers to XLR8R magazine received a CacheFlowe remix with their magazine this month. Check out the sampler CD if you get it, and read the review they wrote for it here.

The Reprogramming Project


The Reprogramming Project

We've released our new album that I've been working on for 2 years with Scaffolding, Wayne Winters, Snowblinded and Movax. An awesome team effort. Check it out here:

Machinedrum is playing our CD release party / I'm moving to Berlin


We're throwing a party for my upcoming CD release, and one of my favorite electronic artists, Machinedrum, is flying in from Brooklyn, NY to play with us. The party is also my going-away party, as I'm supposed to be going to live and work in Berlin for 3 months for my day job. I hope you can come and check it out on March 1st in Denver.

ManiaTV jingle


The friendly folks at ManiaTV used some clips of my song "Ahh... Huh?" for a station promo. Check out the video on youtube.

Sean Byrd - Close Enough


My good friend Sean Byrd just released his awesome new album. Check out more info here, and check it out on iTunes.

727 Mix


As our first release under Plastic Sound Supply, we packaged up a dj mix I performed in July at a freak party in Denver. Check out the tracklisting and download it here.

Plastic Sound Supply


Some friends and I have started a new record label / multimedia outlet, featuring boutique, limited edition art.

Sean Byrd remix


My good friend Sean Byrd's putting out a really great full-length album called "Close Enough". He asked me to do a remix, and it was my pleasure to return the favor. Check out the remix on my myspace page: click ->

CacheFlowe.com v2


I built myself a fancy new web site. Hope you like it!

Custom soundtrack for Factory demo reel


I worked with Ryan from A Shoreline Dream to write and record the soundtrack for Factory Labs' new web site and demo reel.

Cities remix


The Chapel Hill rock band Cities had me do a remix for them, to be on a cd with some awesome artists like Daedelus, Ladytron, and ISAN. Buy it for $6 at Yep Roc records.
Cities - Variations remix by CacheFlowe

A Shoreline Dream remix


I just did a remix for my good friends A Shoreline Dream. They're an awesome shoegaze rock band from Denver - check them out! You can buy the remix on CD from Latenight Weeknight records and on mp3 from iTunes. More info here.

Automate Everything reviewed by Smother.net


Thanks to j-sin for a great review.

Automate Everything reviewed by Portugal's Connexion Bizarre


The excellent web zine Connexion Bizarre gave my album a really nice review. Check out their site for great indie music reviews.

CacheFlowe music featured on new Palmer Snowboards web site


Three CacheFlowe tracks are featured on the new Palmer Snowboards web site, along with tunes from three other local bands.

CacheFlowe remixes A Shoreline Dream


Denver band A Shoreline Dream has released a CD single for their song Love Is A Ghost In America. It features 3 remixes - one by CacheFlowe. The CDs are being distributed by Filter Magazine. Listen to the CacheFlowe mix here.

CacheFlowe on new Nobot Media/Sherbert compilation CD


a new Nobot Media compilation with 2 CacheFlowe tracks is exclusively released with the brand new issue of Sherbert Magazine. Get yourself a copy from Sherbert or other retailers.

Automate Everything reviewed in the May issue of XLR8R


thanks much to Robbie of the band Cities for writing this very nice review. stay tuned for a cacheflowe remix on an upcoming Cities remix album.

Automate Everything awarded "Best Laptop CD" in Best of Denver


I'm way excited to get some attention from the excellent local weekly paper the Westword.

Automate Everything reviewed by Textura.org


thanks go to ron at textura.org for a very nice review by a great online music magazine.

Automate Everything reviewed by the Westword


much thanks to michael roberts at the westword for a very nice review in the best and biggest local music/culture mag.

Automate Everything reviewed by Igloo Mag


much thanks to mark at igloo for a wonderful review. here's a snippet: "... Austere hip-hop vibes shake hands with skittering drum and bass rhythms while sipping sparkling soda with fractured 8-bit electronics. It's one of those parties where you're not quite sure if you know anyone in the room...

my new album Automate Everything is out


my first full-length album is out on nobot media! much thanks to tony cozzi for the amazing design, twerk for amazing mastering, and everybody's support along the way. you can buy the cd at nobot media and listen to audio samples on my music page

CacheFlowe remix featured on new Dojo remix compilation


the sequel to the first dojo remix cd: adaptation. a wide variety of local denver hotness

music licensed for snow fashion web site


factory labs licensed a few loops for use in a new web site run by SIA

mentioned in XLR8R review


check out the press section for the printed copy or click the link above to see the online version. thanks dojo!!! working on a second remix as we speak.

An-Ism Urban Mix version 2.1


local video production group an-ism has used a performance by myself and dj idiom as the soundtrack to a very cool dvd documentary of the (mostly) local graffiti scene.

Colorado Experimental


I've launched an internet radio station that plays only local experimental electronic music from colorado, usa. there's also a calendar and messageboard in case you're wondering what's happening in the local realm of wacky electronic music.

CacheFlowe remix featured on new Dojo remix album


denver, colorado hip hop group dojo just released a great remix album featuring other local artists. excellent artwork design by an-ism

review in Grooves Magazine


nobot media's and my first 12" release got reviewed in grooves magazine.

remix madness!


i've recently done remixes for dojo, george and caplin, tyler potts, equulei, and my dad's band from 1977: timestream.

II, NOBOT released


nobot media has just released their second offering: a beautiful 12" vinyl record with 2 equulei tracks and a cacheflowe remix

"mel gibson returns" featured on new nobot compilation cd


nobot media just released their first cd compilation featuring extraordinary local (denver, co, usa) talent as well as tracks by hefty recording artist twine and ohm resistance label owner submerged. "for human ears only", is a collection of downtempo tracks that have live (lots of guitar) and electronic elements. it's available at nobot media dot com and many colorado outlets. get em while they're hot!

finished a remix of equulei's crazy track, telos


flipped the equulei track upside down and inside out using only mangled source material from the original song (besides one small synth sound). nutty flip hoppiness

cacheflowe.com designed and deployed


cacheflowe dot com is up!