41 Structures


Drone footage by Latenight Weeknight

Shown during the month of August, 2020, Tue-Sun evenings, 8:30-11pm. 16th & Arapahoe, downtown Denver.

Following up on our recent interactive collaboration "Conscious Growth", I was fortunate to work with Gneural again, bringing her illustrations to life with a new piece of custom rendering software.

"41 Structures" is a 4-minute-long, 4k/60fps video piece built specifically for the Night Lights Denver clocktower projection. The animation evolves through a series of 41 animated designs, using semi-randomized collections of lines, polygons, grids, color palettes and patterns that merge Gneural's original hand-drawn styles with Cacheflowe's algorithmic layouts and motion. We built our new visual toolchain to imagine 41 discrete moving building facades for the historic building's 40'x140' projection surface. By anchoring our animated elements to window corners and subdividing the architecture into a necessarily-imperfect grid, we built a custom canvas for our geometries to explore and play together.

Gneural + Cacheflowe - 41 Structures
(4x time lapse video)

Artist statement: Merging our disparate disciplines of illustration and generative art, we unite around a mutual love of iterative patterns, polygons, and op art. This piece was rendered by a custom shape generator that mimics Debbie's illustration techniques while allowing for infinite variations and animations. By integrating the architecture of the clocktower and parameterizing every aspect of the drawing logic, our rendering software adds Debbie's distinguished and organic graphic style to 41 unique arrangements that only it could produce.

- Night Lights Denver

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