CacheFlowe + Rachel Murray Projection Mapped Gem

Taking things a step further from our CMKY installation, Rachel and I collaborated on another audio-reactive projection mapping installation at a special outdoor event in Colorado. Rachel provided the triangulated origami-folded 9'x7' semi-transparent PE gem, and I provided a freshly revamped v2 of my custom HaxMapper software written in Java/Processing. This time with 60+ video, generative & shader-based textures, bunches of brand new mesh-drawing modes, and lots of other refinements, the mapping software slowly morphs through many modes of operation throughout an all-night performance alongside brilliant musical acts: Deepchord/Echospace, Mike Huckaby, Normal Ones and local heroes STLR+WLDF. Shown here are a few brief moments of operation from a 9+ hour run.

Key Technologies: