Nike x Foot Locker Sneakeasy NYC


Image courtesy of Hovercraft Studio

Nike, Jordan and Foot Locker teamed up to build an exclusive popup retail experience on Wall St., NYC - a special store for the sneakerheads. Working directly with Hovercraft Studio, I built out the digital components while they designed and implemented the beautiful physical environment. On the digital side, there were 20 screens with synced animations, an iPad-driven inventory system, and a live LED ticker with alerts for inventory changes and an audioreactive mode for parties.

Experience sneaker culture like never before. Introducing Sneakeasy, a premium retail experience presented in partnership with Foot Locker, which offers a window to what's next from Nike and Jordan.

- Nike

The Boing Room

As a late-stage addition, I was also tasked with providing a physically-responsive crossfading soundtrack to the Shox "Boing" box (video below). By writing some cheap and simple computer vision code, I was quickly able to crossfade between audio loops when the "Boing" box was opened and closed. I also did the audio extraction, production and cleanup, using audio from the original Nike Shox commercial.

Sneakeasy in Boston

Image courtesy of Hovercraft Studio