React Infinity Zoom Run Lab


As part of an in-store trialing experience for Nike's React Infinity Zoom sneakers, I was tasked with building an interactive fullscreen app that allowed paritcipants to see themselves running in real-time at multiple angles via focused camera feeds. A Nike docent entered the participant's name in a laboratory-themed setting, giving them a personalized experience while educating about the product's injury-prevention features. Two identical treamill setups communicated with each other to keep track of the total number of runners, giving each a unique sequential ID for tracking and further customized experience.

Nike React Infinity Run Lab
Using data to help prevent injuries with a trial experience at retail.

The Ask
Teach runners about injury prevention through product innovation.

The Answer
Hundreds of runners trialed the new React Infinity Run on our immersive treadmill experience that visualized data and illustrated product benefits to improve running techniques, ultimately helping them make it to the finish line with more ease.

- Hovercraft Studio

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