SNKRS Atlanta


Nike popped up a 3-month SNKRS store in Atlanta as a way to drop limited-edition sneakers into a city that was more than ready for the stash. As part of the Hovercraft Studio-designed space, I built a content management system and realtime graphics application that gave Nike employees the opportunity to update digital content on a daily basis on a series of LED tickers and screens. Product data is pulled from Nike servers in an ongoing basis, so the brick-and-mortar content is as fresh as the SNKRS website and app. In tandem with upcoming releases and current inventory, in-store LED lighting animates with digital ticker content, breathing extra life and excitement into the physical environment.

Nike's First SNKRS Pop-Up Shop

Like the app, the pop-up, located at 711 10th Street NW in Atlanta, will release a rotating selection of limited-edition styles from January 26 through the end of March. But unlike the app, the selection is specific to Atlanta's vibe, like styles from The Ten collection and popular Air Force 1 drops. The space also houses an Unlock Box, a futuristic vending machine with accessories and pin-sets, and hoodies and tees are also available at the pop-up.


Atlanta is a city of global trendsetters. Whether it be music, slang or style, when Atlanta makes moves, the world takes notice. So, it was only fitting to bring the first-ever SNKRS pop-up experience to the people of the Peach State.

SNKRS Atlanta is a one-of-a kind sneaker experience. As a physical manifestation of the SNKRS app, SNKRS Atlanta is home to some of the most coveted kicks and the latest launches. With exclusive SNKRS Passes and unexpected drops, the pop-up brings the heat to the city as part of the community's ever-growing sneaker culture.

SNKRS Atlanta will be serving up exclusive SNKRS apparel on a daily basis through the end of March. Come by and see how SNKRS Atlanta is taking the “L” out of ATL by bringing more “Ws” to the community via innovative product access and the overall SNKRS experience.


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