Communikey 2012 Compilation 1.1

Released: 04.24.2012
Format: Digital

My Architect remix ended up on an great compilation of local and international talents like David Last, Frivolous, Fax, Time for Trees, Mossa, Nicolas Jaar, Jason Corder Offthesky, Laura Goldhammer, Radere, Ten and Tracer, Mr. Projectile, Mikey Fisher, and more: Check it out at Communikey's BandCamp - they're an important force for music and arts in Colorado. Their musical tastes, integrity and cultural mission is irreplaceable, and I urge you to support them by buying this record (And the other half, 1.2) and going to their events. If nothing else, be sure to check out the annual CMKY Festival in April.

  • 01. Fax - A Day
  • 02. Mossa - Girl
  • 03. Frivolous - Marble and Porcelain
  • 04. Brian Mayhall - We Love
  • 05. David Last - Blacktop Picnic
  • 06. Architect - I Lost My 808 (CacheFlowe remix)
  • 07. Piece of Shh - Bad Bwoy
  • 08. Oban - Click N Shtick
  • 09. Time For Trees - Onward and Upward
  • 10. Kids on Stilts - New City