Das Werk

Released: 04.03.2020
Format: Digital

Dug up from the production archives, this Kraftwerk cover EP was produced between 2008-2011. After seeing Kraftwerk live in Denver in 2008 with my friend The Tickler, we were inspired to write a cover album in dedication to the legendary German group. Alas, under the shroud of perfectionism, the EP never quite felt finished and was shelved for more pressing musical obligations. Now in 2020, as part of an effort to document my past work, I've finally found time to remaster and share the release. Vocals were mostly performed by me, using custom-programmed vocoder software. The cover songs feature samples from the original Kraftwerk tunes, influences & sounds from different eras of electronic music, and an array of stylistic reinterpretations, integrating aesthetics from 1980s electro-dub, jungle, dubstep, techno, breakbeats and more. Album art by Scot Lefavor.