This number had been stuck in my head as a weird, grim milestone. I made this as a response to feelings of hopelessness, primarily towards my fellow humans. If we all wore masks and got vaxxed, the pandemic would be largely contained. But people have succumbed to misinformation, apathy, carelessness, privilege, and survivorship bias. I know so many people who've gotten sick, even after being double-vaxxed. It seems that people don't care to protect themselves, and thus don't care about protecting the vulnerable. Does anybody read the news and take the time to research the latest scientific protocols for safe pandemic behavior? Have our western governments learned anything about public health messaging and the effectiveness of mask mandates? I would suggest: not really. It feels like most people would rather not be "inconvenienced" than responsibly participate in society. If we can't pull together for each other now - and effectively wield the world of information at our fingertips - will we ever?

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