America the Indefensible


I started working on this animation after the mass shooting in Las Vegas and decided to release it after the Sutherland Springs shooting just 35 days later. This small, incomplete gesture is my tribute to the victims and the intractable situation, in anger, sadness and resignation.

Something is very wrong in America, both in our laws and in our culture. Between easy access to an endless supply of guns, a violent and abusive patriarchal culture, the NRA, a widening gap of trust between citizens, and an inadequate healthcare system that leaves shooting victims in financial ruin, it's hard to imagine this self-inflicted problem improving. May America someday wake from this nightmare and find a more enlightened state of being. May we provide each other the love, support and community that could prevent would-be murderers from becoming their worst selves. Credit to NBC News for the Las Vegas victims' photos.

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