Flobots - "Pray"


My friends from the Flobots and our mutual filmmaker & artist friend Vincent Comparetto asked me to help with some generative typographic animations for their new music video. Vincent provided me with static vector graphics designs for the lyrics, and I built a custom web app to generate a collection of automated animations for each section. This gave Vin tons of options to assist in animating the lyrical content of the song, which was otherwise done by hand. Scattered throughout the music video, you can find my humble contributions.

I recently had the honor to create a music video for the Flobots for their brand new track "Pray". White privilege is something all of us caucasian folk have to address. We must recognize our dark history and make changes in the way we navigate the world. It was an honor to work with Stephen Malloy Brackett and Jamie and thank you Justin Gitlin for helping out with titles.

- Vincent Comparetto

Animated Typography

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