Heart to Heart


My dad Pete just had an unexpected, life-saving, emergency open-heart surgery that removed a "massive" tumor from his heart. There are many incredible details to the story, but the most important one is that he made it, and is now recovering at home.

The diagnosis and surgery happened so quickly that there wasn't time for anything but to ask friends and family to send healing energy, prayers, and positive thoughts to him as he went through this very-fortunately life-saving operation.

The heart is the engine of our most basic internal life support system. The heart also symbolizes love, and love is our most basic external life support system. While my dad's heart was being surgically repaired, people sent love and prayers to him from all over the world - our hearts to his. Nobody knew what the outcome would be - all we could do was love him as hard as we could. I'd like to think that we helped him and the surgeon through the procedure, beyond a purely mechanical solution.

This experience was an important reminder of the essential nature of love and humanity. Positive intentions and actions are fuel for the care, rebirth, and renewal needed right now in our personal lives and on a global scale. Love can save our lives, and love can save the world.

Pete is starting chemo treatment this week for a rare form of cancer, three weeks after his life-altering trip to the doctor. Please send him your love and keep him in your heart, and make sure you're doing the same for everybody else who needs it right now. Finally, remember to love yourself, and fill your life with people who do the same for you.

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