Moiré Room


Showing daily at Meow Wolf Denver.

"Moiré Room" is an interactive audiovisual piece; a meditative and dissonant op art visual system accompanied by cyclical waves of sound. Black and white patterns emerge as multiple data streams feed into its visual algorithms, creating unique moments never to be seen again. "Moiré Room" can be calming one moment and anxious the next, as sound and shape evolve together over time.

Slowly-oscillating parameters endlessly reshape the base graphical form, while an undulating generative soundtrack deforms the visual patterns as its intensities fluctuate. As visitors enter "Moiré Room", their physical movement is tracked by infrared cameras, which further permutes the patterns into unique, fleeting configurations.

I was intrigued by the ways that black & white patterns can alter your sense of vision, even after looking away. I wanted to exploit this effect and explore how I might intensify the visual experience with audio accompaniment. The graphics system has an infinite number of formations, and I wanted the sound to do the same. Using similar concepts of randomization and parameterization, visitors won't hear or see the same moment twice.

Audiovisual Evolution

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