Infinite Luck


Designed by Cactus and Developed by Cacheflowe, Infinite Luck is a companion/promotional game for Colorado Lottery's new game "Lucky for Life".

Built with PIXI.js as the graphics rendering engine, the game responds to all screen sizes and accepts 4 different methods of input: Accelerometer, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch. An alternate version of the game was built as a physical installation, using the Microsoft Kinect as the input device. A simple Java/Processing app acted as the communication layer between the local web site and Kinect hardware via a Web Socket server.

Soundtrack: Cacheflowe - "Breathe"

Play the game:

Image courtesy of Silvina

St. Lenny edition:

For St. Patrick's Day 2017, we launched a special version of the game to celebrate the holiday. You can play it it here:

Kinect Controls

Key Technologies: