Inside Intercom Tour 2017


Dublin & SF-based Intercom is well-known for sharing insights into their product design process via their popular blog, Inside Intercom. Their love of sharing their own learnings led to a speaking tour that brought their wisdom to cities around the world. Great content deserves a great visual expression, and I was tasked to help the Intercom Brand Design team in bringing their tour to life via two custom visual applications. The larger of the two was a flexible slideshow app, built to run on a 30x9' high-res LED panel behind the speakers. Consuming images and multiple animation formats, the slideshow provided a dramatic backdrop for the talks. Read more about Des' talk here. The 2nd app was an interactive motion graphics piece, built to endlessly scroll through design elements from the tour's poster design. Up to three users could stand in front of this "art wall" and take one of three different roles, using their hands to control different aspects of the composition. The tour started in Dublin and traveled to Berlin, Paris, London and Tel Aviv for the European leg. A few months later, the second leg visited NYC, Sydney, Vancouver, Chicago and San Francisco.


Photos by @cacheflowe, @ryanjhubbard, @intercom, @thewrenchild, @padday, @davecullinan


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Gif animation courtesy of @ryanjhubbard
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