Sneakeasy NYC


Image courtesy of Hovercraft Studio

Nike, Jordan and Foot Locker teamed up to build an exclusive popup retail experience on Wall St., NYC - a special store for the sneakerheads. Working directly with Hovercraft Studio, I built out the digital components while they designed and implemented the beautiful physical environment. On the digital side, there were 20 screens with synced animations, an iPad-driven inventory system, and a live LED ticker with alerts for inventory changes and an audioreactive mode for parties.

Experience sneaker culture like never before. Introducing Sneakeasy, a premium retail experience presented in partnership with Foot Locker, which offers a window to what's next from Nike and Jordan.

- Nike

The Boing Room

As a late-stage addition, I was also tasked with providing a physically-responsive crossfading soundtrack to the Shox "Boing" box (video below). By writing some cheap and simple computer vision code, I was quickly able to crossfade between audio loops when the "Boing" box was opened and closed. I also did the audio extraction, production and cleanup, using audio from the original Nike Shox commercial.

Sneakeasy in Boston

After the successful installation on Wall St in NYC, the Sneakeasy was moved to Boston, where it spent another few weeks with additional product drops from Converse.

Image courtesy of Hovercraft Studio