The Fearless Ones


I was tasked with building a real-time interactive graphics experience inside a popup meditation room for Melody Ehsani's new sneaker release at the flagship Jordan store in Los Angeles. With my team at Hovercraft Studio, I built an ultra-wide generative cloud scene that would transition from night to day as visitors entered the space. Light from the massive screen array (and a secondary soundtrack) set the dreamy tone, and the virtual flightpath oriented itself to visitors' positions as they traversed the room.

"If you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it." This is one of several inspirational messages hidden throughout Los Angeles based designer Melody Ehsani's take on the Air Jordan I Mid. Raised in a traditional Persian family, Ehsani manifests her message of female empowerment and self-expression into her vision for the AJI. Making the entire silhouette her own, a decorative gold watch makes for an ideal dubrae, and each quote is hand-lettered.

- Nike

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