Azimuth VR


Discover what working in a surgical room feels like, learn how to swap lenses in a film production studio, and virtually interact with professionals from every industry. Azimuth Creative Solutions' Spark VR program uses 360 degree film technology to create a completely new perspective on career exploration.

David Guillen & Jillian Sterns, co-founders of Azimuth Creative Solutions and current high school guidance counselors. Committed to helping others create their career path, David and Jill have created the Spark program to ensure everyone has equal access to meaningful career planning tools. As the price of college skyrockets, skilled trades suffer from worker shortage, and technology continues to replace human labor, we can't think of a better time to have the best career plan in place.

Built for the VR-enabled web with THREE.js for Google Cardboard headsets.

Produced and developed by Mode Set for Azimuth Creative Solutions

Funded by Imaginarium

Video by Latenight Weeknight

Key Technologies: