Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined

Released: 09.07.2012
Format: Digital

After collaborating with members of Paper Bird on other music projects, performances and videos, I reworked their great tune for a new remix CD. Get the release from Plastic Sound Supply for a very reasonable price.

  • 01. Slow, Slow (Birds In Space mix) by CacheFlowe
  • 02. Peace of Mind (Pizza Mind mix) by Lake Mary
  • 03. Imbira Owt Ni Tuc remix by DJ This, That & the Other and Greg Harris
  • 04. Storm (Monsoon Remix) by Feathericci and Brian Mayhall
  • 05. Entre Acte, Owt Ni Tuc (Tuc Ni Wto remix) by Offthesky
  • 06. Drekovsky (Flovoski remix) by Flobots
  • 07. Slow, Slow (Sinking to the Bottom of the Lake Break Up_Death Montage Scene mix) by Kids On Stilts
  • 08. Windchimes (Happy When You're Sad mix) by Time For Trees
  • 09. Owt Ni Tuc (Wino Cutt remix) by Crystl Mtn
  • 10. Piece of Mind (Late Night Radio mix) by J.L. Kane