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Addictech [mp3]
01. +verb - Echo
02. Sonkin - Death of a Star
03. Akasha and Mr Jennings - Lazer Sexcapades ft Jzamo
04. Jupit3r - Dat Baby
05. Abiliphy - Drift
06. CalicoLeaf - Umbrian Islet
07. Exin - Citrus Tree
08. Dev79 and Sainty B - Clicky Moments
09. Erothyme - All's fair in IDM
10. Hitori Tori - Juke Off
11. Cacheflowe - Ooh, Ooh
12. Pericles - Lil Drakey's Playpen
13. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Triggafingaz
14. Hobotech and Zander - Off the Rails
Label: Vermin Street
Here we have a compilation of a wide array of "bass music" from the Boston-based record label Vermin Street. My submission took form as a fast, jungle and dancehall-inspired number, heavy with samples from Janet Jackson, Madonna, DJ Assault and Anthrax.
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Free download [mp3]
01. Scaffolding - Child
02. Scaffolding - Light
03. Scaffolding - My Funny Valentine
04. Scaffolding - My Funny Valentine (David Last remix)
05. Scaffolding - My Funny Valentine (CacheFlowe remix)
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
I remixed Scaffolding for the 3rd time in 6 years. I slowed and whittled Scaffolding's cover of the classic "My Funny Valentine" down to the barest elements, creating a bass-heavy, lurching version that emphasizes the thick vocals and builds on numerous, sparse fragments of the original track. Adding to these remixed elements, I borrowed even more sounds from other artists' renditions of the classic tune, splicing in warped sounds from Ella Fitzgerald among others. This remix demands attention and patience, but the rewards are delivered in a thick, sexy, nighttime package. You can download the release for free over at Plastic Sound Supply.
iTunes [mp3]
01. FOANS - Pure Pensive Particles
02. Grenade Fountain - Momentary
03. Offthesky and Pillow Garden - Stretches
04. Iuengliss - Attenuation
05. Scaffolding - Awareness
06. Ten and Tracer - Slap an Orphan Clap
07. David Last - Lemon Twin
08. The Parallel Light - Ceres II
09. Sean Byrd - Held Together
10. Hollagramz - Chapel Perilous (Ambient dub)
11. Radere - Overtaken by the Night
12. c.db.sn - Two Ghosts Before the Eye
13. CacheFlowe - Patter
14. Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - Alvin Smith Is a Hawk I See
15. Alien Taxonomy - Some Birds Fly at Night
16. Marcellus Lewis - Castles Are Ghost Stories
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
The 2nd label compilation from Plastic Sound Supply is an ultrasoft collection of smooth jams that may melt your heart and mind. Relax and take it in - I'm proud to be amongst my favorite Colorado-based producers for a special concept album. Shhhh... can you hear it?
BandCamp [mp3/wav]
01. Slow, Slow (Birds In Space mix) by CacheFlowe
02. Peace of Mind (Pizza Mind mix) by Lake Mary
03. Imbira Owt Ni Tuc remix by DJ This, That & the Other and Greg Harris
04. Storm (Monsoon Remix) by Feathericci and Brian Mayhall
05. Entre Acte, Owt Ni Tuc (Tuc Ni Wto remix) by Offthesky
06. Drekovsky (Flovoski remix) by Flobots
07. Slow, Slow (Sinking to the Bottom of the Lake Break Up_Death Montage Scene mix) by Kids On Stilts
08. Windchimes (Happy When You're Sad mix) by Time For Trees
09. Owt Ni Tuc (Wino Cutt remix) by Crystl Mtn
10. Piece of Mind (Late Night Radio mix) by J.L. Kane
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
After collaborating with members of Paper Bird on other music projects, performances and videos, I reworked their great tune for a new remix CD. Get the release from Plastic Sound Supply for a very reasonable price.
BandCamp [mp3/wav]
01. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Last Chance to Evacuate Earth 2008
02. Pericles - In Place
03. Theresa Silver - Maskun
04. Bleep Bloop - Dressed to Impress (Zero One Remix)
05. Cacheflowe - Theme
06. Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus (Mr Jennings Remix)
07. Yoseph - Laughter in the Dark
Label: Vermin Street
This free release is in celebration of Vermin Street's 3rd year in operation. These guys are based in Boston, which is also my hometown area. Get the release from Vermin Street and name-your-own-price.
iTunes [mp3]
01. Things Were Different
02. Plume
03. The Repetitions [ Free Download ]
04. Supermassive
05. Grey Skies
06. Plume (Sean Byrd remix)
07. Supermassive (CacheFlowe remix) [ Free Download ]
Label: Latenight Weeknight / Plastic Sound Supply
This is the second Brim Liski recording and is a collaboration between myself, Ryan from A Shoreline Dream, and Jap Jap from Netherlands. I produced the drums for all of the tracks except Grey Skies, and I'm really happy to be more involved with this new sound. It's now gone from the studio to the stage, and I play guitar and laptop beats when we play live. We also have a video for "The Repetitions", and XLR8R graciously posted my remix. Listen to the release over at Plastic Sound Supply.
BandCamp [mp3/wav]
01. Fax - A Day
02. Mossa - Girl
03. Frivolous - Marble and Porcelain
04. Brian Mayhall - We Love
05. David Last - Blacktop Picnic
06. Architect - I Lost My 808 (CacheFlowe remix)
07. Piece of Shh - Bad Bwoy
08. Oban - Click N Shtick
09. Time For Trees - Onward and Upward
10. Kids on Stilts - New City
Label: Communikey
A great compilation from local and international talents from Communikey, an important force for music and arts in Colorado. Their musical tastes, integrity and cultural mission is irreplaceable, and I urge you to support them by buying this compilation (And the other half, 1.2) and going to their events. If nothing else, be sure to check out the annual CMKY Festival in April.
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Soundcloud [stream]
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
This is the first single from my new group with Brer Rabbit. We did a song in 2008 for my "Cache, Stacks & Queues" EP, and we've been writing music as Yo Soy Sauce for the past couple years. Our first single is a ridiculous booty house / juke song with original vocals, and guest vocals by Esme from the Denver acoustic group Paper Bird. Check out the release from Plastic Sound Supply.
Download [free mp3]
Soundcloud [stream]
Label: Hymen
I wrote this remix in 2010 for Architect (Daniel Myer of Haujobb). It was for a remix album for his latest solo LP "Consume Adapt Create" on the indefatigable Hymen Records. Unfortunately the remix was lost (a fitting title then) after being confirmed for release, but I got the go-ahead to give it away for free, so here it is. This was my last dubstep-inspired production, based on a request from Architect. You can get the remix compilation here: http://www.hymen-records.com/.
MP3 / CD
Plastic Sound Supply [CD]
iTunes [mp3]
Addictech [mp3/wav]
01. Rumblejunkie - Wiggleworm
02. Movax - Fragment
03. Equulei - My Modem Can Beat Up Your Modem
04. Iuengliss - Jungbeats
05. Dicrylium - Will Build A New World With His Giant Mech
06. Ale Fillman and MNUVR - Wobble Head
07. CacheFlowe - Crunch Dub VIP
08. ((Diverse)) & Seied - Fullmelt
09. Alert - Going Dumb
00. Honduras - Tristeza Mi Amor
11. Zeno - Zenodelic
12. Drop Logik - Absolute Bowns
13. Ten and Tracer - Panta Rhea
14. c.db.sn - 4amcatattaq
15. Scaffolding - Car Song
16. Drop Logik - Get! Get! (CacheFlowe remix)
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
I helped put together this compilation for Plastic Sound Supply. It's a showcase of my favorite experimental & dubstep producers from Colorado. Mastered by Twerk and design by Snowblinded. Preview the whole album and purchase at the official site.
iTunes [mp3]
Boomkat [mp3]
Addictech [mp3]
Amazon [mp3]
Emusic [mp3]
Juno [mp3]
Digital-Tunes [mp3]
01. Coleco Crunk Vision (Monk Fly Remix)
02. Complex Players Dub (LayerZ Remix)
03. Robo Crunk Juice (CacheFlowe Remix)
04. Complex Players Dub (Ribotto Remix)
05. Complex Players Dub (Sugarpill Remix)
06. Turbo Thizz Petnation (Mindelixir Remix)
07. Pythagorean Hyphy Proof (Bookworm Remix)
08. Complex Players Dub (Free The Robots Remix)
09. Robo Crunk Juice (Jtonal of The Flying Skulls Remix)
00. Ghetto Puddin Pet (Liver Remix)
11. Pythagorean Hyphy Proof (Splatinum Remix)
12. Turbo Thizz Petnation (Fruitbat Remix)
13. Robo Crunk Juice (Encanti Remix)
14. Ghetto Puddin Pet (Preshish Moments Remix)
15. It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It (MusSck Remix)
16. Ghetto Puddin Pet (Jacob London Remix)
Label: Daly City Records
I remixed Mochipet's "Robo Crunk Juice", and it's out now on lots of digital retailers. The whole remix album is quite crunk and full of contemporary riddims. My remix is a hybrid of dubstep, triplet electro, and 80s electro dub.
iTunes [mp3]
Addictech [mp3]
Juno [mp3]
Digital-Tunes [mp3]
01. CacheFlowe - Rahst
02. Bongo Chilli - Everyday (Vinyl Blight Mix)
Label: Vermin Street
Vermin Street of Boston, Mass released this drum & bass / dancehall / dub tune I wrote years ago. It goes nicely alongside the dancehall / ragga / hard-as-nails Vinyl Blight filpside. Summon your inner future rasta and shake those dreads. Preview the full release over at the SoundCloud page.
iTunes [mp3]
01. He Really Got Through To Advertising (CacheFlowe remix)
02. Highway Driveway (Equulei's cement mix)
03. Horse Fair 132 (Scaffolding remix)
04. Bluff Lake Forgotten (Colortone Library remix)
Label: Plastic Sound Supply 007
I threw down with some other badass PSS artists on a remix EP of our good friends George & Caplin. Think of it as electro-folk-pop reinterpreted in the veins of experimental/dubstep/techno/glitch-hop/shoegaze. Seriously. Released under Plastic Sound Supply. Visit the microsite here ->.
MP3 / CD
01. Fight
02. All the Things
03. Moving Winter
04. Longing
05. An Endless Drive
06. Driving
07. Fight (Jap Jap Remix)
08. Fight (c.db.sn Lost in Space Remix)
Label: Latenight Weeknight 006
Brim Liski is a side-project that I collaborated on with Ryan from A Shoreline Dream and Jap Jap, producer from Netherlands. I wrote the beats on 2 songs, but the whole EP is a great listen. You can check out the tunes I worked on here, but be sure to grab the CD or MP3s from Latenight Weeknight.
CD / MP3
01. Scaffolding - Microbe
02. Scaffolding - Book
03. Bela Karoli - Prelude 2 (Scaffolding Remix)
04. Scaffolding - Mass
05. Scaffolding - D-Tron (Michael Fakesch Remix)
06. Scaffolding - Instant (ft. Sarah Marcogliese)
07. Scaffolding - Microbe (Cacheflowe Remix)
08. Scaffolding - Brooke
09. Scaffolding - D-Tron
10. Scaffolding - Flank
11. Scaffolding - Flank (Kero Remix)
12. Scaffolding - Clarity
13. Scaffolding - After the Killing (ft. Sarina Simoom)
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
My good friend and label-mate Scaffolding released a beautiful new full-length techno/idm album with remixes by myself, Michael Fakesch of Funstorung, and Kero of Detroit Underground. Released under Plastic Sound Supply. Visit the microsite here ->.
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
My first solo release in 3 years, after a slew of remixes and playing in a couple experimental/improv bands. I worked with Brer Rabbit of the Flobots, and enlisted a couple of my favorite producers to do remixes: Machinedrum and Starkey. I've been working on this release for almost a year, and it's got a companion mix (Cache Stacks) that you should download for free. Mastered by Twerk. Album art by Snowblinded. Released under Plastic Sound Supply. Visit the microsite here ->.
Tonevendor [CD]
iTunes [mp3]
01. neverChanger
02. neverChanger (CacheFlowe remix)
03. neverChanger (Jap Jap remix)
Label: Latenight Weeknight Records
This is an awesome single from A Shoreline Dream, who wrote a beautiful tune with Ulrich Schnauss. Latenight Weeknight records.
Label: Plastic Sound Supply
I wrote an album with my good friends Scaffolding and Wayne Winters. We each wrote an original tune, remixed the other 2 tunes, and then made a megamix of all the songs we wrote. I think we tore it up. Styles range between glitch hop, experimental dubstep, idm, and beyond. This is also the official first release for our new record label Plastic Sound Supply. Mastered by Twerk.
BandCamp [mp3]
01. Malbec Dub
02. Today
03. In Full
04. Close Enough
05. Close Enough (CacheFlowe Remix)
06. Cigar Break
07. Corners
08. Knock
09. Knocking
10. Oh Well
11. All We Need
12. I Still Burn
13. Gimlets
14. Shell
Label: Dime Line recordings
Sean Byrd has put together a crazy diverse album that goes from electro glitch hop, to movie soundtrack, back to some really original downtempo electronica. Lush synth work and hot breakbeats galore. Mastered by Twerk.
iTunes [mp3]
Yep Roc [CD]
1. Writing On The Wall (Ladytron remix)
2. Lancer (CacheFlowe remix)
3. OOC (Fog's Black Metal Mix)
4. A Theme (Mild Davis remix)
5. Lounge Act (Daedelus remix)
6. Capitol (Free The Robots remix)
7. Writing On The Wall (ISAN's Brutal Folly Mix)
8. A Theme (Mike Westbrook remix)
Label: Yep Roc Records
This is a remix cd by the rock band Cities, from Chapel Hill, NC. Their original album is great - check them out. The remixes are super cool by some excellent producers. It was released on Yep Roc records.
01. Love Is A Ghost In America
02. LIAGIA (Shawn Astrom mix)
03. LIAGIA (DJ Gabriel Heart Failure mix)
04. LIAGIA (Cached Out mix)
Label: Latenight Weeknight Records
This is an excellent remix single from A Shoreline Dream. The CD was distributed by Filter magazine and was released by Latenight Weeknight records. Now available on mp3.
Sherbert [CD/Media]
01 Clocks Ticking Backward - Concrete Dildos
02 Scaffolding - Droid
03 Cacheflowe - A Dreary Flight Over The Datascape
04 Equulei - It Gets To Me
05 Wayne Winters - Unomomento
06 Advection - A Feeling
07 George & Caplin - Fields Talk
08 Scaffolding - Lullaby
09 Equulei - Devil In The Details
10 South Sherman - Strongarm
11 Supper Club For One - Diminished Fifth
12 Cacheflowe - Automate Everything
13 Scaffolding - Filter
14 Equulei - Circular Reference
Label: Nobot Media / Sherbert Mag #6
This was a collaborative project between Nobot Media and Sherbert Magazine. One copy of the sampler was included with every copy of the zine. Limited edition of 1,000, hand-numbered mags.
download [free mp3]
Label: unauthorized
I'm a huge MMW fan, and I realized theire music was very sample-able. I collected samples from their first 8 studio albums, and constructed a song using nothing but these sounds. The result is distinctly MMW, but the arrangement is fully original. I sent it to Billy Martin, and ended up meeting the band the next time they came through Boulder. Enjoy.
CDBaby [CD]
iTunes [mp3]
Napster [mp3]
Rhapsody [mp3]
Emusic [mp3]
01. Ahh... Huh?
02. Automate Everything
03. Primitive Assembly
04. Cash Back
05. Casio vs. Heavy Metal
06. Freq Lovely
07. George&Caplin - Headed Home (CacheFlowe remix)
08. Funky Drummer
09. Phunkdaphonies
10. Pinnacle 1421
11. Patch It
12. Run Amok
13. Melmeansmellow
14. Mel Gibson Returns (Sean Byrd remix)
15. Dojo - Malfunction Disorder (CacheFlowe remix)
16. Timestream - Raining In Paradise (CacheFlowe remix)
Label: Nobot Media - VI, NOBOT
my debut lp. I'd like to call it post hop breakbeat electronica. the release party was off the hook. thanks to everybody who came out!
Beatport [mp3]
01. Frame of Mind (CacheFlowe remix)
02. Actions Speak Louder (Annex of Soul remix)
03. Domino Theory (The Draconians remix)
04. Opposite Phase (Uzi-Ego remix)
05. Metropolis 2012 (Dj Idiom remix)
06. Motherly Advice (The Oceans Above remix)
07. Winds of Change (Friends in Stereo remix)
08. Tell Me (21 Dread remix)
09. Domino Theory (McPullish remix)
10. Rise Up Version (McPullish remix)
11. From Above They Come (The Clout remix)
12. Inkblots & Chalk (Equulei remix)
13. Metropolis 2012 (My Calculus Beats Your Algebra remix)
14. Opposite Phase (Uzi-Ego remix)
Label: Dojo Sound
The remix album sequel from dojo, remixed by local artists in Denver, CO, USA
Beatport [mp3]
01. Malfunction Disorder (CacheFlowe remix)
02. Performance of Truth (Draconians remix)
03. Running From the Dragon (((Diverse)) remix)
04. Ginsense Rum (Annex of Soul remix)
05. Metropolis 2004 (Equulei remix)
06. Animals (dj DNile remix)
07. Bombin on the Great Wall (Dr. Zen remix)
08. Wise Bonzai (Draconians remix)
09. Shadow Warrior (McPullish remix)
10. Rise Up (dj DNile remix)
11. Metropolis 2004 (This Will Hurt You remix)
12. Bombin on the Great Wall (Dojo remix)
Label: Dojo Sound
A great album by hip hop group dojo, remixed by local artists in Denver, CO, USA
Label: Nobot Media - II, NOBOT
The first Nobot 12". An excellent work by all parties involved. Mastered by Twerk. Artwork by Anthony Cozzi
download [free mp3]
Label: tylerpotts.com
Tyler Potts made a song a week for the entire year of 2004. I remixed week 10 using only original source material.
01. The Draconians - Pinko Slips
02. Neighbors - Pamplemousse
03. Multicast vs. Ted Sturgeon - Green Sequence...
04. Clocks Ticking Backward - Slothone
05. Equulei - Polyrrhiza Lindenii
06. CacheFlowe - Mel Gibson Returns
07. Twine - Dropframe
08. Obeah - One Hand Washes the Other?
09. Submerged - Brooklyn Children
10. The Draconians - Anti-politics
11. Equulei - March Slob
12. Clocks Ticking Backward - Graphing the Horizon
13. George&Caplin - Coping
14. Kurt Gluck - No Memory of What It Was Like
Label: Nobot Media - I, NOBOT
The debut of Nobot Media. Beautiful downtempo organic experimental beats and melodies. Features local Denver and national talent including Equulei, Hefty recording artist Twine, and Ohm Resistance label owner Submerged.
download [free mp3]
Label: con.science recordings CD001
Self-released 74 minute mix of my best drum and bass tracks from 2001-2003. I am not ashamed.